CauseCentric Productions produces and distributes multi-media content with an emphasis on short films to amplify the voices and communicate the stories of solution focused grassroots organizations and individuals working on environmental and socio-cultural issues.

CauseCentric Short Films

Small grassroots projects often do not have the means to create adequate visual communication tools about their projects nor may they have the network needed to gather additional momentum to further their work. Because people actively search for and respond to visual content, multi-media storytelling can be a very powerful tool to garner interest and support. CauseCentric Productions (CCP) offers this missing link. This content is distributed through our online networks and partners and is donated to the organization or individual.

CauseCentric Minutes

Every one of us can take action and inspire others to do the same. We believe that every person can be CauseCentric, so we don’t stop at our main focus for our short films. Along the way, we meet interesting people contributing or championing cause focused action and CCP wants to profile these individuals. Our CauseCentric Minutes are a quick glance at the everyday citizen taking positive action to create change for people, species, and ecosystems.


Céline Cousteau

Céline Cousteau
Founder and Executive Director

Traveling around the world working on various aspects of documentary filmmaking, I meet incredible people who are doing amazing work to protect ecosystems, species, and people. A lot of the time they do this with little means, a small staff, and against all kinds of adversity. They inspired me to create CauseCentric Productions through which I can provide multi-media communication tools and a platform for their stories. I wanted to hand them a megaphone! Each person working with CCP is an example of how we can all be CauseCentric, no matter our ‘profession’; it’s about sharing a goal of giving back a little bit of what we have, know, and do.

Çapkin van Alphen

Çapkin van Alphen
Media Manager

Since a very early age I have held a passion and love for telling stories through the image both in still and motion. Blessed by an age of technological revolution, we are afforded the possibilities and tools to bring these stories within reach of the world at large. CauseCentric Productions is working within those possibilities and with it’s dedicated team we are amongst those establishing the foundation for change and inspiration. I feel both fortunate and honored to be part of the CauseCentric team.


Bradford Warner

Bradford Warner
PR Strategist

I’m a market strategist and product developer with an affinity for those looking to make our world a better place. CauseCentric is made by and for such people, so I’m grateful to be part of the CauseCentric equation. http://4comm.biz



Carrie Vonderhaar
Digital Outreach: Membership and Fundraising

Over the past decade, I have had many adventures as an expedition photographer. Expeditions which took me all over the world in a commitment to be a force for positive change. Some of these were with Céline and when she asked if I would play a role in her organization, CauseCentric, I knew that my small part would help make a difference. And that, after all, is the greatest adventure. www.carrievonderhaar.com

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