Announcing The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship


I am excited to announce, on my grandfather’s birthday (he would have been 105 years old) the launch of The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship! We have been working on this program with our Board of Directors and are transitioning our efforts to solely focus on the fellowship.

The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship (CCFF), brings together filmmakers, creatives, and activists to create documentary based films from around the globe to garner awareness and inspire change to some of the largest issues facing our world today. The CCFF will take our first fellowship expedition in the summer of 2016.


Your continued support is crucial and we welcome you to this new, incredible, and fun venture ahead. Stay tuned for updates from The Céline Cousteau Film Fellowship.

For any inquiries about The CCFF, please contact:

Cheers & Keep Exploring!

Celine Cousteau, Founder and Executive Director of CauseCentric Productions
P.S. CauseCentric Productions will continue to make cause focused films operating as an independent production company.

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