Bring it on, 2014!

We had an incredible year at CauseCentric!

Here are our top 5 favorite moments of 2013.

5. Céline Cousteau participated in “Skype in the classroom”, inspiring school children in the United States and in Canada!

Celine Cousteau and skype in the classroom

Céline Cousteau visits Joe Grabowski’s 6th grade class at St. John Catholic School in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Photo courtesy Joe Grabowski.

4. We launched our new CauseCentric Productions website.

Celine Cousteau's CauseCentric Productions

3.  We launched CauseCentric Minutes, quick glances at the everyday citizen taking positive action to create change for people, species, and ecosystems.

Celine Cousteau's Cause Centric Productions launch CauseCentric Minutes2. Our People and the Sea documentary project begins with a miniseries about the incredible stories of the MesoAmerican Reef Leadership program.

MesoAmerican Reef Leadership Program


Don’t take it from us – here are some testimonials from our causes.

  • Kim Ley-CooperThe video done in collaboration with CauseCentric and MAR leadership Program, has helped RAZONATURA outreach to a wider public and helped explain in a dynamic summarized way, our efforts done to help preserve our precious reefs and ecosystems!
    - Kim Ley-Cooper
    Co-founder, Razonatura


  • Much of MAR Leadership’s work is very visual, but we lack the resources and know-how to show our audience what we do in a compelling way. CauseCentric has been a great partner in this, and we’re so thankful!
    - Claudia Taylor
    Creative Development Assistant, MAR Leadership Program


  • Gabriela NavaThrough the CauseCentric video with the support of MAR leadership Program I’ve have had the chance to spread the efforts for reef conservation we, Oceanus, A.C. are doing in the México. Through this kind of support we can reach more audience to show that every small action is important for the reef and that everybody from their place, can do something to help.
    - Gabriela Nava
    Oceanus, A.C., Mexico


  • Patty Webster, Amazon PromiseWe’ve grown in many ways thanks to Celine’s film, and I’ve been thrilled to watch as CauseCentric has evolved into a major support system for other grassroots organizations.
    - Patty Webster
    Founder and President, Amazon Promise


Looking back on this year of accomplishments (and fun), we are ready for what will surely be an incredible 2014.

Countdown to Vale do Javari

Our big project for 2014- “Tribes on the Edge”.
Watch the teaser.

Happy New Year from Céline Cousteau and the CauseCentric Team!

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