Scars of Freedom

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Scars of Freedom was produced with generous support from The TreadRight Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation established by The Travel Corporation to encourage sustainable tourism both within their own family of brands, and in the places we visit.

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Scars of Freedom documents the repercussions of human negligence juxtaposed with the incredible power of human compassion. An entangled humpback whale left for dead; a fishing net, her anvil. On location for a documentary film off the coast of Chile, we heard a radio call that a fisherman had spotted an entangled whale. A net, estimated to weigh 250 kilograms, had cut halfway through one side of her tail. Though untrained for such missions, we set off to her rescue and captured incredible footage. Beautiful images of humpbacks swimming through the protected waters off Hawaii contrast to the trauma of this story, concluding with a powerful statement: ‘Change begins with the heart.’

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Celine CousteauCeline Cousteau's Scars of Freedom
© Sara Stathas                © Carrie Vonderhaar, Ocean Futures Society

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Celine Cousteau's Scars of FreedomCeline Cousteau's Scars of FreedomCeline Cousteau's Scars of FreedomCeline Cousteau's Scars of FreedomCeline Cousteau's Scars of FreedomCeline Cousteau's Scars of Freedom Rope cut Tail from top tail no net Tail with net Whale from back Whale Head Whale tail Celine Cousteau's Scars of Freedom Celine Cousteau's Scars of Freedom

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